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COVID-19 Precautions

*Updated: April 1, 2021
All activities and events at Beech Haven are continuing to follow COVID-19 protocols, including wearing face coverings, social distancing and diligent cleaning of our facilities. The goal of the church is to safely provide for the nurture and fellowship of our congregation, recognizing that people have varying degrees of comfort with this option. The staff continues to make difficult decisions in this unprecedented time of pandemic, as it seeks to honor our shared commitment to love each other and our neighbors as ourselves.

Worship Service Procedures / Moving throughout the building

  • Everyone enters and exists only through the main doors of the Worship Center or at the Fellowship Hall doors under the portico in the lower parking lot.
  • Regarding worship services, we continue to escort people to specific seats to maximize the number of attendees while maintaining social distancing protocols. 
  • Connection Cards are available in the pew racks for prayer requests and guest registration. You may drop these cards, in addition to your tithes and offerings in the Offering boxes located in the lobby (near the entrance of the Worship Center).
  • While in the hallways we encourage everyone to wear their face coverings.
Currently, all preschool, children, and college Sunday Small Groups meet "in-person" at 10:15AM each week.  Our student ministry, likewise, meets "in-person" at 11:30 am. 
Most of our Adult Sunday Small Groups are meeting in-person, while some are using a hybrid method (meeting in-person and online simultaneously). Adult Small Groups are meeting at 10:15AM or 11:30AM. Check out the Small Groups page for details on how/where each class is meeting.  We encourage EVERYONE to wear a face-covering in their small group class room.