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Small Groups

Bringing People Together

We believe God created us to live in relationship with others and sharing life through community is part of His plan.

Finding meaningful relationships isn't always easy. Sunday Small Groups provide the perfect opportunity to develop authentic relationships while growing in your relationship with God and serving together on mission.

Find a list of groups in the chart below.

Currently, all of our preschool, children, and college Sunday Small Groups are meeting in-person on the Beech Haven campus at 10:15 am. Students are meeting in-person at 11:30 am. Some Adult Sunday Small Groups are meeting in-person and simultaneously on Zoom. Other Adult Small Groups are continuing to meet virtually. Adult Small Groups meet at either the 10:15 or 11:30 am - see chart below. Click on "Zoom" to access the class virtually, click on the Room number to find the in-person gathering location. 

Interested in joining a Small Group and need a some help?
Let us know and we'll point you to a class that best suits you.

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Kindergarten - 1st Grade 10:15 am/Bldg C Rm 237 Jeff Leggett, Sandi Franklin. Melissa Lord
2nd & 3rd Grade 10:15am/Bldg C Rm 240 Donna Lackey, Sherri Michelle Mills, Anna Ash
Grade 4 & 5 10;15 am/Bldg C Rm 239 Katelyn West, Marla Orr
6th Grade 11:30 am/Bldg E Attic Brian & Ashley Mauldin
7th-8th Grade Guys 11:30 am/Outside Bldg D Andy Thomas, Eric Harris
7th-8th Grade Girls 11:30 am/Gym Stephanie Evans, Christy Thomas
9th-12th Grade Girls 11:30 am/Bldg E Attic Carol Schimmel, Ashely Wright
9th-12th Grade Guys 11:30 am/Outside Bldg D Dale Wallace, Jake Johnson
College 10:15 am/Bldg D Michael Frye, Jonathan Tolbert
Graduate & Young Adults 10:15 am/Bldg B Rm 211 Leslie Sinyard, Adam Wynn
Young Married 11:30 am/Bldg C Rm 249 Daniel & Jordan Crumbley
Young Adult 11:30 am/Bldg B Rm 107 Mike & Peggy Mauldin
Coed 36-49  11:30 am/Bldg C Rm 247 and Zoom  Charlotte Tolbert
Parents of Prescl & Children 11:30 am/Bldg B Rm 215 Brent Dykes, Chuck Ivey
Parents of Youth & Yg Adults 11:30 am/Bldg E 101 and Zoom Mike Campell
Median & Mature Single Adults 10:15 am/Bldg C Rm 250 & Zoom  Bill Favoloro
Working and/or Retired I 10:15 am/ Bldg C Rm 248 Nancy Bruce
Working and/or Retired II 10:15 am/Bldg B Rm 205 and Zoom Tom Clark
Coed 65+ 9:45 am/Bldg B Rm 210 and Zoom Bob Molleur
Men 10:15 am/Bldg B Rm 113 and Zoom Steve Skelton, Bud Kinney, Tom Rogers
Median Ladies 10:15 am/Rm 247 and Zoom Linda Pickering, Susan Sheffiled, Mary Deaton
Median & Mature Ladies 9:00 Zoom only Jean Henninger
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