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Guatemala Building Project

Iglesia del Refugio in Tacana, Guatemala is ready for permanent construction!

God has already provided $91,000 for this project!  Would you like some of your dollars to support the building of a church in Guatemala?  If so, you can give here, choose “Other Contributions,” and add the note “Guatemala Building.”

The church in Guatemala, Iglesia del Refugio, is ready for a building and will begin construction in October!  The church has outgrown the ability to meet in homes and has now setup a temporary structure on their land. 

Over the past year, the Missions Committee has been working with Pastor Alejandro, our friends at Primera Iglesia Bautista de Indiantown, FL, and our missions partner E3 Volunteers to come up with a scope of work.  We have an estimate of $150,000 for an initial church building.  (Later phases—Kitchen, FH, Parsonage—can be added later and are not included for consideration now.)

On Sunday, May 15 there was a Called Conference to receive a recommendation from the Mission and Stewardship Committees that “Beech Haven commit to funding a church building in Tacana, Guatemala in partnership with Iglesia del Refugio and our friends from Primera Iglesia Bautista de Indiantown, FL with Beech Haven supplying up to $135,000 from designated and reserve funds at the discretion of the Stewardship Committee.

A discussion session was held at 7:15 pm on Wednesday, May 11 in the Worship Center.  You may reach out to the Missions Committee (Chairman Mike Mauldin), the Stewardship Committee (Chairman Charlotte Tolbert), or John Walker with questions. Thank you for praying for this project.

Give to this project (choose “Other Contributions,” and add the note “Guatemala Building.”)

Tacana Church Building Estimate

Tacana Church Building FAQ

How did we get to this point? 

  • In 2019, Beech Haven ($52,000) and PIB Indiantown, FL ($10,000) provided the money to purchase land. Here is the information shared with the church at that time prepared by our then Missions Pastor, Tommy Fountain:
  • February 2020, Pastor Alejandro moves to Tacana
  • May 2021, Beech Haven takes a mission trip and finds an established congregation.
  • February 2022, the church outgrows the ability to meet in homes and constructs a temporary ‘pole barn’.  

Children Clearing the Land

Setting the Poles

Supporting the Poles

"Dried In"

BCM Team March 2022

Saturday Children's Ministry

BCM Team in March 2022