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The Mix

February 25, 2022 6:00am

Address: Beech Haven Baptist Church, 2390 West Broad Street, Athens, GA US 30606

Cost: $65.00

Contact: Nathan EvansNathan Evans


What is the Mix?

The Mix is a weekend-long experience centered on worship, growth, and relationships.
The Mix is made up of churches from all over the Athens-area of many different denominations but unites under the banner of seeing students call Jesus the Lord of their life.

The Mix is planned by local youth leaders in Athens.  

You can register at the link below

Cost: $65 through January 23.

*After January 23, cost is $80.




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I being the parent or legal guardian of student named above haven been informed of the above activity, sponsored by Beech Haven Baptist Church and hereby give my consent for my minor child to participate. The undersigned further acknowledges that any Beech Haven Baptist Church activity may include the minor being transported in a church provided van or bus or personal vehicle and that those drivers will possess a valid driver's license and insurance and be older than age twenty-one. I understand that all reasonable safety precautions will be taken by the leaders of this activity, and that the possibility of an unforeseen hazard does exist. I further agree not to hold Beech Haven Baptist Church, its leaders, employees, and volunteer staff liable for damages, losses, diseases or injuries incurred by the minor listed on this form. I also give Beech Haven Baptist Church permission to take my child's picture and use that for publicity and promotional pieces within the church. *Typed signature constitutes a legally signed signature.

Please provide medical information on your student.

If your submission is incomplete, please be sure all * boxes are filled in. If you do not have health insurance information, please type N/A in the boxes. Be sure to enter GA in the state drop down box in the address.

If your submission is complete, you will see the event page and a generic thank you for submitting your message.

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